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Jul 22nd at 1PM / 0 notes

What's a dead shoe? 

Good question! Anyone care to share some insight into this?

Stuck In The South by Adia Victoria

(This is Ruby Rogers’ current band.)

Hey all you Black Belles fans in Alabama, 

Jul 12th at 8PM / 0 notes

Go see Ruby play bass with Adia Victoria at The Secret Stages Festival in Birmingham on August 2nd!


I really need to sell these Queens tickets soon! I have 5 and will sell them in any quantity.

GA Floor Tickets $65 (+ whatever it costs to get them overnighted-probably about $5)

Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD

Thursday, July 17th

QOTSA w/ St. Vincent and Brody Dalle

Floor tickets are sold out online!

Jun 29th at 4PM / 4 notes

For the person who asked for the Absinthe vinyl cover:




Jun 29th at 4PM / 2 notes

Is Olivia Jean dating Jack White? 

I don’t know.

Jun 27th at 1AM / 17 notes

Honky Tonk Horror Teaser

Jun 27th at 1AM / 3 notes

why was the video for Honky Tonk Horror never released ? I remember hearing something about it not being "appropriate" if im not mistaking 

This is from the Third Man Records site:

Then we asked ourselves “remember the VIDEO that album cover shot came from?….you know the video directed by David Swanson for the single “Honky Tonk Horror”? (what?) why not withhold that video TOO because it’s too gross and offensive! We thought to ourselves, “what a horrible err, great Idea!” it turns out that what some of us around Third Man Records here think is artistic or “funny”, is just a down right head scratch to others, so having scarred enough people walking by the video editing booth we thought we’d either remove one of the Belles and replace her with Eric Stoltz, or just not release this thing. So we won’t be releasing that video (Stoltz was unavailable for reshoots) and have decided to push it far back into the archives, but as these things do with us it may eventually see the light of day…

The only time it was ever publicly shown was at The Black Belles album release party. You can follow this link and find ellisintransit's comment for a description of the video from someone who attended the release party.


My friend, model and muse. #ziegfeld


My friend, model and muse. #ziegfeld


Ruby Rogers at a Ziegfeld shoot she styled #Ziegfeld #oznashville #may15show


Ruby Rogers at a Ziegfeld shoot she styled #Ziegfeld #oznashville #may15show