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Just for the fans! NOT OFFICIAL.

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I wrote a freaking essay on The Black Belles because I’m sick of the bullshit.

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Olivia Jean’s Bathtub Love Killings out October 14th. (x)

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wildemachy said: The Black Belles, are a fucking great band, anyone who oversees that just because of some bad fame, is truly not worth the time. In the long run, their stuff rocks hard! This new solo album by Olivia Jean already sounds super rad! I've been a black belles fan for years and never have I been a jack white or TMR fan so that goes to show that I am not just siding on the belles because of Jack. I side with the belles because the music is actually worth my time. Did you like the sample of Bathtub LK

Preach! You are awesome. I love the sample. I am so excited. There are definitely some similarities to The Black Belles’ sound, but it’s also very different. I can’t wait to hear the full length.

Thanks so much for the message!

I plan to continue running this blog, posting about current endeavors of The Black Belles’ members and occasionally reposting some old Black Belles things. I want this blog to be what YOU all want it to be. So, I have a few questions and would love some input.

  1. I will be posting about bands the girls are involved in now (for example, Adia Victoria). When I post photos, do you only want to see the former Black Belles or do you want pictures of the entire band?
  2. I have been posting tour information when I get it. Do you want me to continue doing so?
  3. I don’t want to annoy anyone with seeing a lot of the same content on Olivia Jean’s official tumblr and mine. Should I bother reblogging things from her blog?
  4. Do you want me to include info about Christina Norwood (Tina)’s band?
  5. Any other comments or suggestions are much appreciated!

Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria

Peach Kelli Pop - Sailor Moon Theme with Shelby O’neal on drums